If you currently work with an SEO agency, then there is a good chance that they are not going to like what I have to say. One of the dirty secrets in the world of SEO is that nobody truly knows exactly what they’re doing. Most of us have decided to stay as quiet as possible because we can continue to make money, keep our jobs, and stick with the status quo even though we really don’t have much of a clue how to do our jobs.

For example, you might have hired an inexpensive (possibly international) SEO company that offered you tremendous “value” for your money to try to land you on the first page of the Google search results for keywords or phrases that are relevant to you.


Even though you told them that your marketing budget was tight, they said that they could land you on the first page in less than a month for a fraction of what other SEO agencies would have charged you. Even though you sent them the money, you haven’t seen significant results and you aren’t quite sure why.

Perhaps you decided to go for a more expensive SEO agency that says they have a “proven track record of results.” They even promised to use the latest techniques and methods in the field to help you consistently land on the first page of Google search results for multiple keywords and phrases. Even though you signed the contract, it seems that their account management team simply didn’t give you the attention they promised.

These might sound familiar and it’s because these are common stories. Again, the secret in the world of SEO is that nobody really has a tried and true method to deliver results.

If your SEO agency simply hasn’t delivered the results you wanted, then some of the red flags that it is time to move in include:

  • The account management team is unable to answer your basic questions related to your SEO strategy

  • Their strategists are hard to reach and appear to be unavailable at most times

  • There is no freedom to monitor your objective metrics that reflect the quality of your results

  • The links are unrelated, inaccurate, or otherwise not helpful

  • You don’t know exactly what your goals, KPIs, or deliverables entail

  • You feel like nobody is actually listening to your personal concerns; you are given a cookie-cutter response

If this sounds like your situation, then you should carry out a few key steps.

If You Aren’t Satisfied, Give Notice Now

When you partner with an SEO agency, you expect results. The problem is that you hired one of the following SEO agencies:

The Giant: You probably picked the largest SEO company to work with because they are massive. If they have a lot of clients, then they must do well, right? They highlighted how many people they work with, including numerous members of the Fortune 500, and promised that they would do the same for you.


The idea of becoming one of the Fortune 500 sounds great, right? With their help, you could expect quick results. In reality, because you aren’t already a member of the Fortune 500, they simply did not pay any attention to you. As a result, your website and company have continued to languish even though they took your money. You can do better.

The Traditional: You might have picked this SEO company because they have been working with search engines since “before the internet was even a thing.” Sure, they might have cost a significant amount of money, but they’re worth it for the experience they provide, aren’t they?


The problem is that they aren’t willing to explain to you exactly what they’re doing because “it’s too technical.” The reality is that it is also too technical for them. They have left you out of the loop, provided you with zero control, and the results simply aren’t there. If you aren’t exactly sure what they’re doing, then it is time to move on.

The Foreign Discount: If you decided to go with this agency, then you probably have a tight budget and were looking for a way to save money. Based on what you saw on their website, they seem to have good results. There are lots of reviews, plenty of links, and the value seems unparalleled.


Unfortunately, it turns out that their links aren’t natural, which means Google has penalized them. All of a sudden, your site is penalized as well. Even though they are saying that it wasn’t their fault, you signed the contract, so you still have to pay them. Now, you’re paying them to hurt your site. You don’t deserve this, either, and you certainly didn’t sign up for it.

Instead of despairing, please note that finding the right SEO partner is challenging. Don’t listen to the SEO agencies that say it is impossible to predict how SEO is going to grow. This simply isn’t true.

Do Not Compromise When Choosing an SEO Partner

In today’s era, SEO is changing by leaps and bounds. SEO is not a destination. In reality, it is a journey. Because SEO algorithms change on a regular basis, a strong SEO partner should be able to use data to drive their campaigns, predict SEO growth, and deliver results for their clients. Some of the key expectations that you should have include:

  • Expect to see results because data should be to drive SEO campaign strategy and predict overall SEO growth.

  • Expect to receive personalized attention from the SEO agency, including account managers who should be trained as experts in SEO with total knowledge of each campaign

  • Expect to have direct control over your SEO campaign which includes backlink who you get to know, approve, and work with

  • Expect to understand the process with the help of SEO managers who can translate jargon in a way that you can understand

  • Expect the power to hold your agency accountable by asking for objective data that is easy to measure and interpret so that you can make an educated decision

Of course, SEO agencies do not want to be held accountable. They want to continue to be able to claim that they have a tremendous amount of expertise without having to actually explain their process. They want to be able to stick you with some junior who doesn’t actually know what is happening to keep you in the dark. They want to be able to continue to take your money without having to actually do any work.

The reality is that if your SEO agency is not held accountable, then they do not have any reason or incentive to actually improve the quality of their work.

Of course, you shouldn’t want to work with a company that has been forced to deliver quality work. You want to work with an agency that is driven by love and passion for what they do. You deserve to work with an agency who is going to willingly innovate to make sure they deliver the best results for their clients every time. When you work with an agency that meets this bar, you are going to enter into a working relationship that you are going to enjoy.


We understand that you are tired of partnering with marketing teams that don’t really seem to care about their clients. Instead, you want to work with a partner that delivers high-quality work while taking the time to get to know your needs, understand your concerns, and deliver results that have been tailored to your individual company. You want to work with someone who consistently puts your needs ahead of their own.

That is where we come in. We are not perfect. We have made plenty of mistakes along the way. At the same time, if we didn’t learn from our mistakes, then we wouldn’t still be around today. We have used these mistakes to inform our decision-making process so that we can deliver better results for our clients. We would be honored to show you what we have learned as well.

Why don’t you see for yourself? You deserve to see what life is like on the other side. Therefore, take a few minutes to send me an email at jonas@iamseo.net so that we can discuss your company, your needs, and how we can help you make your dreams a reality.

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