SEO Forensic Audit Services

If you feel that your website rankings has fallen due to some sort of foul play or maybe you have been hit with a Google penalty, then it might be time for an SEO Forensic Audit.

There are multiple possible causes. For example, there might be insidious attacks that have taken place on your website or Google has penalized you in some way. In this situation, it is important to invest in an SEO forensic audit. When an SEO forensic audit is executed properly, you can restore your Google rankings, increase your traffic, boost your leads, and drive revenue growth.


Has your site suffered due to a shift in Google’s algorithms? Did you receive a manual penalty? Every SEO forensic audit has to be tailored to each client’s specific situations. That is where I can help. I always customize my SEO forensic audits to meet the unique needs of my clients. When I provide an SEO forensic audit, It usually includes:

  • Social Media Reviews: I will take a look at your social media profiles and compare them to your target market.

  • Coding: Finally, I will open up the hood of your website and take a look at all of your SEO factors.

  • Content Analysis: Your content plays a key role in driving traffic, so I will take a look at its depth, seeding review, and cross-page SEO relationships.

  • Inbound Link Analysis: Your inbound links are important and I will take a closer look at your link profile.

  • Keyword and Phrase Analysis: I will inspect your top keywords and phrases, making sure that they are appropriate for your situation and your industry.

  • Competitor Review: I will analyze what your competitors are doing and see if there is a way that I can boost your site as well.

These are just a few of the numerous considerations that I go through when I conduct an SEO forensic audit.

Forensic Analysis

My professional SEO audits always involve a forensic analysis of your website both inside and out. I will dive deep into the inner workings of your website to look at the complete spectrum of signals that your site might be sending. I also will look at them individually and then take a look at how they intricately work together to produce your website.

The biggest benefit of my SEO forensic audit is that they can help you understand exactly where your site is falling short when it comes to your search results, search engine indexing, and organic traffic.

In this manner, my SEO forensic audit audit can unlock the keys that you need to make sure that everyone is able to find your site with ease.

SEO Action Plans

Once I’m finished, I will include a list of best practices that have been tailored to your site and your industry. I will provide you with actionable information that will act as your road map to boost your rankings. I also will compare this list to your resources to make sure that every dollar you spend generates the maximum ROI possible. Contact me today to learn more about how an SEO forensic audit can help you improve the rankings of your business website!

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