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 Is your Google Ads bounce rate better than 24.8%?


You are getting a high proportion of Adwords traffic engaging.

What is a bad bounce rate from Google Ads?

A Google Ads bounce rate of more than 64.3% would put you in the bottom 20% of sites, and anything more than 74.7% would put you in the top worst-performing sites.

 Is your Google Ads bounce rate worse than 64.3%?


Then not only are you losing potential sales, but you are also losing valuable money.

If your site has a bounce rate from Google Ads between 24.8% and 64.3% then you are concerned average compared to the benchmark. Anything more than 74.7% means you are definitely underperforming.

Is Your Bounce Rate Killing Your PPC Budget?


According to a recent study, the average bounce rate from Google Ads was 43.5%.

So what is a good bounce rate?

According to a study by media research LLC, anything less than 24.8% would put you in the top 20% of sites benchmark for bounce rates from Google Ads and if you are at or below 18.2%, that would put you in the top 10%.

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Defined by the Numbers

There is a saying that numbers never lie, which is why I always present my clients with the data. Your Google Ads Quality Score is a measure of the quality of your paid keyword in relation to your ad and its landing page. Higher Quality Scores are given better ad positions at a lower price. If your ads are not on target, then you will have to pay more money.

To keep my clients from overpaying, I focus on Quality Scores and a number of other metrics to make sure that I keep your costs low while increasing your clicks. In this manner, PPC campaigns become math problems. I want to maximize the conversion of clicks into leads, leads into qualified prospects, and prospects into customers.

As I get your campaigns optimized, the success or failure of each becomes more of a statistical math problem:

1,000 clicks > 100 leads > 20 qualified prospects > 5 new customers

By focusing on the optimization of a digital marketing and PPC campaign using Google Ad Quality Scores, your results become more predictable and this transparency is better for everyone. I will use these metrics to make sure that I'm optimizing the return on your advertising investment. In the end, professional PPC management from our experts will pay for itself.

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