Because no one goes there! Duh.

After ten years of working in SEO and realizing I was pretty good at it, I decided to start my own company, so welcome to IamSEO.

One of the unique features that separate me from other SEO companies is that you will reach me when you call me every time. I have no employees doing my work for me.

That is why I only work with a minimal number of clients at any given time.

I am available by the day, night, and even on weekends for my clients. I guess that’s why people love working with me so much.

I'm driven by quality, not quantity. My customer service skills, ability to keep deadlines, creative
eye, and attention to detail (aka my OCD) allow me to develop lasting relationships with my clients.​

Where do you bury a dead body?

On page two of Google. Why?

The 56-night tour attracted 10 million fans on Ticketmaster, all trying to snatch up the 775,000 available tickets that sold out in just eight minutes, making this tour the fastest sellout of any US tour of its size in history.



The most rewarding project of my career to date happened years before I created IamSEO when a friend of mine asked me to run the digital marketing campaign for Adele’s 2016 North American tour.

Detailed SEO/PPC Services

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

  • Crawlability analysis with a mobile focus

  • Keyword research

  • Meta titles and meta descriptions

  • Error fixing

  • Content strategy and optimization

  • Website security

  • Content Marketing

  • Backlink Analysis and Link Removal

  • White Hat Link Building and Link Outreach

  • Citation Building & Monitoring


  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

  • Comprehensive keyword research

  • Effective ad creation

  • Landing page conversion optimization

  • Split testing and comparison of ads

  • PPC mini-campaigns

  • Remarketing campaigns

  • Promotional campaigns

  • Proof of ROI through detailed reporting

  • Video ad creation

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Adele is an amazing woman, and thanks to me, she is now a big fan of Pie Hole Pizza in Denver.

Current Certifications (renewed 2020)

Greenday is one of the top rock bands of all time. When they went on tour my job was to let people know about the tour so they could sell the tickets quickly and that's exactly what I did.



By running a targeted PPC campaign for Greenday, I was able to get the word out and help them sell the tickets for the pop-up locations they had added to their schedule. 

Billie is a true master on the guitar, and I look forward to working with him again, or perhaps just pounding down a few beers at his home in New Port Beach.

I met Charlie many years ago while traveling overseas. I heard him sing in a neighborhood lounge one night, and we soon became friends. We started talking, and I agreed to help promote him through SEO to build his online following.

He ultimately got noticed by The Voice and made it to the semifinals, and we have been friends ever since.  Watch Here

Custom website design and development

I use WordPress as a platform to build dynamic, beautiful, high-performance websites.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that has evolved into

one of the most popular website publishing systems in the world.

​I am passionate about WordPress as a platform.

Simply put, I develop sites worthy of the brands behind them.

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Customized, detailed reporting

Harness the power of your data and unleash the potential of your traffic through customized charting. This data will answer every question you could ever have about your website and the people who visit it.

Whether it’s returning visitors who spend more than five minutes on your site, or the number of paid visitors who land on your site on rainy days with a full moon, I can track any movement from anywhere in the world.

Whatever suite of analytics you need, I can custom build it for you. 

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Tools used to acquire SEO results

Jonas has been with Backpage for seven years, during which time he has worked in various marketing roles from SEO specialist to marketing director. He has done an exemplary job in helping us build our organic rankings on a global scale.

​We thank you for all you’re hard work and wish you the best.

– Michael

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